Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2024: Online Application, Benefits, Registration Form All Details

Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme Karnataka 2024: Registration Online, Form PDF, Benefits | Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2024 | ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಸ್ವಾವಲಂಬಿ ಸಾರಥಿ ಯೋಜನೆ 2024: ಆನ್‌ಲೈನ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ ಅನ್ವಯಿಸಿ, ಪ್ರಯೋಜನಗಳು | ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಸ್ವಾವಲಂಬಿ ಸಾರಥಿ ಯೋಜನೆ | ಸ್ವಾವಲಂಬಿ ಸಾರಥಿ ಯೋಜನೆ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ 2024: ಆನ್‌ಲೈನ್ ನೋಂದಣಿ | karnataka swawalambi sarathi scheme PDF

Siddaramaiah government has launched the Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme in view of the increasing unemployment in the state. Through this scheme, financial subsidy will be provided by the state government to all the eligible people of the state. With this, all the needy people can easily buy vehicles and get employment. This will increase the income of all the beneficiaries.

Through the Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme, subsidy will be provided by the State Government for the purchase of four wheelers to all unemployed minorities and SC/ST community youth. Apart from Muslims, it also includes Christian, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi communities.

Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana:- Karnataka Government has launched Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana to reduce unemployment rate in the state. Through this program, the state government will provide financial subsidy to the beneficiaries of the program so that they can purchase a vehicle and carry on their business. This will increase their income and motivate the youth to take advantage of this initiative. How does the self-reliance scheme work? How to sign up for it? You should read this article till the end to get all this information.

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Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2024 All Details

The Government of Karnataka has established Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana to provide employment to the residents of the state. Unemployed minorities and youth from SC/ST communities will get 50% to 75% subsidy under this program for everything from purchase of four-wheelers to starting new businesses. Beneficiaries will get this amount by direct deposit in their bank account. Both online and offline applications are accepted for Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana.

Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme
Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 

Those unemployed who want to get new employment will be provided the benefit of subsidy ranging from 50% to 75% by the Karnataka Government through the Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme 2023. The amount of benefit of this scheme will be transferred by the state government to the bank accounts of all the eligible people of the state. However, the beneficiary will have to contribute 10% of the cost of the vehicle.

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Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme Karnataka Highlights

Scheme Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana
Started by Karnataka Government
Official website launched soon
Beneficiaries Unemployed citizens of the state
Subsidy amount Minority community: 50%, up to ₹3 lakh,
SC/ST community: 75%, up to ₹4 lakh
Assistance provided Subsidy for vehicle purchase and starting new businesses
Objective Increasing opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship
Eligibility Criteria Resident of Karnataka, Unemployed Citizen, Age above 21 years, Linked Bank Account
Required Documents Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Caste Certificate, Residential Certificate, Bank Account Details, Photograph, Mobile Number
Benefits Statewide coverage, no discrimination, promotion of self-employment
Application Process Online & Offline (Official website coming soon)
Helpline number Coming soon
Category Karnataka Government Scheme
year 2024

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Karnataka Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme: Objective 

The objective of Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme is to provide employment related benefits to the unemployed people of the state. Through this scheme, all the unemployed people of the state will be provided the benefit of financial assistance to improve their economic condition. The amount of benefits provided through this scheme will be sent by the state government to the bank accounts of all eligible citizens of the state.

The primary objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the unemployed residents of the state to place them in employment and to improve the financial condition of the beneficiary.

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Karnataka Sarathi Swawalambi Yojana: Benefits 

Karnataka Sarathi Swavalambi Yojana has the following benefits

  • Swavalambi sarathi Yojana was launched by the Government of Karnataka to help the unemployed youth of the state.
  • Unemployed youth in the state will get 50% to 75% subsidy under this program for anything from purchase of four-wheelers to starting a new business.
  • The entire state will implement this scheme.
  • Beneficiaries of this scheme will get its benefits irrespective of their background.
  • Children who want to start their own business will benefit from this program.
  • Karnataka Swavalambisarathi Yojana will reduce unemployment rate of the state.
  • Youth will no longer need to look elsewhere for work.

Karnataka state government will provide unemployment benefits. Grants will be given under Yuva Nidhi Yojana and Swavalamsarathi Yojana. Thus, the unemployed youth of Karnataka will have two opportunities to move from unemployment to self-employment.

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Swawalambi Sarathi Scheme: Subsidy Amount

Community Subsidy (%) Subsidy Amount (maximum)
Minority 50% 3 lakh
SC/ST 75% 4 lakh

Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana: Features 

  • To facilitate employment opportunities for unemployed citizens.
  • To encourage beneficiaries to utilize the scheme.
  • To promote self-reliance and empowerment among eligible citizens.

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Eligibility Criteria for Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme

  • Applicant must be a resident of Karnataka.
  • Only unemployed citizens of Karnataka are eligible.
  • This scheme is applicable for the citizens of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other minority communities.
  • Age of the applicant should be at least 21 years.
  • Aadhaar should be linked with beneficiary’s bank account.

Important documents for Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan Card
  • driving license
  • caste certificate
  • residential certificate
  • Bank account details
  • color passport size photo
  • mobile number

Online Application for Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme 

At present the official website for online application has not been launched. Applicants are advised to wait for the launch of the website, after which they can apply online by clicking on the provided link.

Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana Helpline Number

Helpline numbers will also be made available after the website is launched. Applicants can call these numbers for detailed information about the scheme. Additionally, individuals experiencing problems can seek assistance by describing their problems with the online form.

Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme: How to Download Application Form 

Online registration for Swalambi Sarathi Yojana will start soon as there are many unemployed candidates. Candidates who belong to SC/ST or minority group are eligible to apply for this program. For online applications, please follow the steps below.

  • The first step is to go to the official website of Swavalambi Sarathi Portal.
  • Click on the Apply Online button on the home page.
  • Fill the Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana application form carefully and as per the instructions given on the screen.
  • Enter required information, such as address, documents and bank information.
  • Please upload required documents and then click on “Submit” button.
  • After successful registration, print the application form.


Friends, on 7th July the Chief Minister announced the annual budget of Karnataka. This budget has announced the Swavalambi Sarthi Yojana which will provide 50% subsidy to the youth of the minority community who are unemployed, to purchase a four wheeler to start a new business. Similarly those belonging to SC/ST community can get 75% subsidy for vehicle purchase under Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana (Government Subsidized Vehicle Scheme). Unemployed youths of Karnataka have a golden opportunity to avail self-sustainable chariots and get subsidized bank loans to purchase passenger buses (minis), goods carriers etc.

Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme FAQ

Q. What is Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme?

Karnataka Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme is a government initiative that aims to provide financial assistance to unemployed citizens of the state. The scheme provides subsidies for purchasing vehicles and starting new businesses.

Q. Who is eligible for Swavalambi Sarathi Scheme?

The scheme is available to unemployed citizens of Karnataka who are above 21 years of age and belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or other minority communities. The applicant must be a resident of Karnataka and his bank account must be linked to Aadhaar.

Q. What is the subsidy amount provided under the scheme?

The amount of the subsidy varies depending on the community. Beneficiaries from minority community can get subsidy of 50% of the cost of vehicle/business, up to ₹3 lakh. Beneficiaries from SC/ST community can get subsidy of 75% up to ₹4 lakh.

Q. How can I apply for Swavalambi Sarathi Yojana?

The application process can be done online or offline. The official website for online application will be launched soon. Offline application can be made by downloading the application form from the website (once available), filling it and submitting it to the concerned department.

Q. Are there any helpline numbers available for assistance?

Yes, helpline numbers will be provided after the launch of the official website. Applicants can contact the helpline for detailed information and resolution of any issues faced during the application process.

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